Welcome to WOSPAC

The WOSPAC Academy - that stands for World Sports Academy - is a professional and unique service created to help players to improve if the field of soccer. Over the years of existing as an academy, which is based in the heart of football Barcelona, Spain - a big number of athletes, coaches and teams have been trusting WOSPAC to help them achieve their football career dreams. The experts of the academy have come up with special techniques and tactics to make the experience in WOSPAC unforgettable for the players.

We are happy to announce that the season of 2016 is the beginning of creating WOSPAC (World Sport Academy) in the country of Palestine, with the leading academy located and based in Barcelona, Spain. 
The players of ages from 5-18 years old (boys and girls) are going to be offered trainings in our academy.
Our coaches that are going to manage the trainings are the Catalan Federation of Football official diplomas holders, which guarantee their professionalism. 

Our aim is transforming the skills and techniques of Spanish football system and providing unique coaching from our high-level coaches. Our goal is to help players develop, learn and educate them into best team workers they can be, as well as educate them as a person, and give outstanding performance levels on the pitch, and chances to get scouted for World’s best teams. 

In the past 5 year amore than 90 players signed a professional contract with the leading football clubs of the world such as: FC Chelsea, FC Arsenal, UE Cornella, RCD Espanyol, FC Barcelona and more.


Who we are

Our key points:

  • general development of the player’s technique
  • having unique football resources that you will not see anywhere else
  • respect for the players, coaches, members of staff in our academy
  • taking the trainings seriously and working extremely hard on each player
  • giving individualized advice and attention to each player
  • teaching best techniques for a team


During the year our trainings twill consist of:

  • An opportunity for everyone


We stand by the words: Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard. Which means that even if a player seems not as talented from the first glance, he/she will always have time for improvement. We offer a place for every level of football skills, even if he/she is just a beginner we will be happy to help the players improve by time and through hard work.


  • Season of trainings with professional coaches 

The trainings will be carried out on professional fields along with exclusive coaching methods that a player can get exclusively in our academy


  • Modern top-quality football pitch equipment

We are using special equipment on the field that is aimed specifically to improve the players tactic and overall fitness to do their best during a match


  • Coordination and technique development 

The Spanish system applied during the trainings is one of the main qualities of our academy - as it is what makes the players successful during competitions


  • Individualized analysis of a player


Throughout the season of soccer trainings the player will be observed by the coaches and members of staff and the improvement of the player will be noted as well as an analysis will be made. That will help understand the player's main strengths and areas that need improvement

  • sports diet nutritionist


The nutrition advice will be offered for each player to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle suited for a football player


  • scouts will be coming to the academy’s trainings to discover new talents

During the year, there will be soccer scouts encounters with the aim of searching and discovering new talents from our academy


  • education on morals and teamwork

The players will be taught not only the techniques to master football, but also necessary human qualities that will help them become an educated and an ethical person on the field and in life

  • medical emergency support


The medical support will be provided during the trainings for a more safe environment

  • career advisors


The players will receive exclusive advice about their career decisions in the future

  • Development of full potential of the player
  • Spanish system ways of soccer teaching
  • Full control and supervision during trainings


Testimonies & Experts

  • WOSPAC is an amazing place to stay, where you can meet players from all over the world that become your brothers after living together for a certain time. If you are a football player this is a great experience.”

    Jugador WOSPAC, Costa Rica
  • “The journey to become a professional in this sport is complicated, but close to the best teams and clubs of the world always makes the dream to achieve this more realistic.”

    Director Metodología WOSPAC
  • WOSPAC is a great opportunity. Not only could I improve my English, but also all my football skills. It is a great experience.”


    Jugador WOSPAC, Corea del Sur
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