About Us

Welcome to WOSPAC! A professional Soccer Academy that originated in Barcelona, Spain and now has franchises all over the World. 2016 has been the year of welcoming it in Palestine and we haven’t stopped for minute since then!

>WOSPAC is an innovational, hight-class soccer academy with more than 90 players graduating every year and signing contracts with some of the most famous Football Clubs of the World. Our aim is to develop player’s professional football skills such as technique, tactic and teamwork; as well as help the player grow as a person and educate them. Our European coaches use exclusive soccer techniques that have been transformed throughout generations, bringing up the best players. Their professionalism not only help the players in the field but transmits leadership and confidence skills to the players. Each of the passionate and determined WOSPAC Academy members is a part of the global WOSPAC Family.

About our trainings

The trainings in WOSPAC academy are accompanied by innovational equipment and materials which give the players something completely new to learn and accomplish. With the use of modern advanced equipment and the professional coaching techniques combined, these make a complete and irreproachable training session.

Our trainings are directed towards raising intensity step by step and are suited exclusively for each player, taking the child’s abilities and resistance in advance. Each player has their own, unique way of learning and understanding, which we of course embrace and adapt for each one.

Training sessions consist of advanced soccer exercises (group and individual) that develop the player’s body and skills, as well as make them use their cognitive senses and think how to move and act on the field to achieve the best result in the game!

We take the training sessions very seriously which is why onfield discipline and behavior are always important.
Other than developing skills, tactic and technique players develop leadership and communication skills which are as important in life as on the field.

Registration in the Academy

We welcome players aged 6-16 years old, with and without experience needed as we bring up and develop players from the start and believe that hard work will make them the most successful. We train professional soccer players too by dividing them into groups by levels of experience and ages.

The annual fee is 4,000 NIS which includes full season (year) of weekly trainings and individual attention and development. Trainings take place 3 times a week, each 1h30min long (not including breaks).

Our training take place in Ramallah, on the “Friends School” football field facility.

You can register in the Academy by contacting the office and making an appointment with us.

WOSPAC Palestine office: 02 2971482
WOSPAC Office Address: Palestine Trade Tower, 8th Floor, Ramallah